Price List

STANDARD RE-STRING $20 + strings REPAIRS (labor cost only)
Includes: Output jack repair $15
inspection/diagnosis Potentiometer install (hollow bodies + $30) $30
Re-string 3 way switch install $35
tune 5 way switch install $35
fingerboard clean single electric pickup install + pickup cost $45
standard acoustic pick up install $65
single hollow body pickup install $55
FULL SET UP $50 + parts multi pickup install $75
(Includes std re-string service) Coil tap $15
truss rod adjustment Full internal re-wire $125
nut adjustment
bridge adjustment fret touch up (4 frets max.) $65
intonation partial fret level and crown (9 frets max.) $80
fret board clean and treatment full fret level and  crown $125
moderate cleaning fret replacement (3 fret min.) $15/fret
hand polish partial re-fret (9 frets max.) $125
rosewood full refret (includes plek) $390
maple full refret (includes plek) $515
PRO SET UP $65 + parts full refret bound neck (includes plek) $540
(Includes full set-up stainless frets $640
fret touch up (4 frets max) fret edge dress $45
fret polish
deep cleaning bridge re-glue $65
high shine polish new bridge install (ebony or rosewood) $125
electronics cleaning (if applicable) bridge plate replacement $125
electronics quick fix (2 solder joints, if applicable) crack repair $25/inch
saddle or nut install (synthetic) $55
saddle or nut fabrication/install (bone) $55
saddle or nut install (tusq) $40
minor binding repair $35
major binding repair $65
full binding replacement $475
 finish chip/dropfill  $40-$65
tuning peg install $15
tuning peg install (full set) $45
broken headstock repair quote
Min. Bench Fee $35