Wow we have been so busy……………..

We have had a shop full of guitars and thanks to our amazing customers we STILL have a shop full! In the past few weeks we have seen (2) Fender Stratocasters, (2) Fender Telecasters, an Ibenez Bass, a Cavaquinho (a 4 string Uke sized guitar that uses steel strings), a crazy Garcia style Kramer and the shelves are full with (2) Strats, a PRS, a Yamaha classical, and a 335.

Don’t forget we carry D’Addario strings and Music Nomad care accessories. We are also an ALLPARTS dealer in case you need parts for your projects.

Again thanks to all our customers and remember to tell your friends about us!

Now stocking so much stuff………..

Hey there!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day holiday!

We just wanted to give you an update on TEG this week. We are now a stocking dealer for the following items:

D’Addario strings (both Electric and Acoustic) and MusicNomad products

We are adding more items to the stocking list and will update shortly.

Have a great week!




Another week of cool guitars…….

This week we have seen an Ibenez in for a “deep clean” (yes we do stuff like this!). It was gigged hard and put up wet, so we have made it nice and shiny! We also just got a Squier bass in for set-up and output jack repair. And……….we have a Tele project that the customer started and we are going to finish up for him. This needs assembly, custom bone nut and a set-up. Oh yeah it’s got a B-bender and an upside down headstock with a super FAT neck. This has been a fantastic week!!! Enjoy the holiday weekend! 

Spending time at the SBAIC….

We are in Santa Barbara this weekend at the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration. We are visiting suppliers, taking in some educational seminars and networking with other industry folks. Back in the shop on Monday! Have a great weekend. 

A new company logo…………

So we figured it was time to get official and get a logo for the company.  We went with a retro/vintage style and the guy who did it for us Jesterr from Fiverr was awesome to work with! So what do you think?  Let us know!



It’s been a busy week in the shop…….

First of all, we are so grateful to our customers who trust us with their instruments. We love this and it’s why we do it!! 

So this week we have seen, a beautiful Taylor 214DLX for a set-up, a Martin Custom and a sweet Takemine AN10 for pickup installs and a very nice Fender Telecaster Thinline for a set-up, new custom bone nut and a little fret work. And they all received a FREE MusicNomad Premium Guitar Care Kit! 

Whew!!!!!! And it’s only Wednesday!! 

Again thank you for choosing us for your guitar repair! 

Back from the GAL Convention……

We are back in the shop this week after a great time at the GAL Convention and doing a little training in Nashville for a future project. We have some special hours this week so please make a note of it:

M: 2-7pm
Tu: 3-7pm
W: 10-7pm
Th: 10-3pm
F: closed