Rickenbacker 4003 Refinish

We picked up this poor creature off ebay for well less than $1000. It was a bit of a risk as we had no idea what it would look like under the .250 thick epoxy finish.  Fortunately it was not as bad as we feared and it looks like we have a VERY workable surface to refinish. Keep an eye on this space as we provide updates on the project.




Wow we have been so busy……………..

We have had a shop full of guitars and thanks to our amazing customers we STILL have a shop full! In the past few weeks we have seen (2) Fender Stratocasters, (2) Fender Telecasters, an Ibenez Bass, a Cavaquinho (a 4 string Uke sized guitar that uses steel strings), a crazy Garcia style Kramer and the shelves are full with (2) Strats, a PRS, a Yamaha classical, and a 335.

Don’t forget we carry D’Addario strings and Music Nomad care accessories. We are also an ALLPARTS dealer in case you need parts for your projects.

Again thanks to all our customers and remember to tell your friends about us!

Another week of cool guitars…….

This week we have seen an Ibenez in for a “deep clean” (yes we do stuff like this!). It was gigged hard and put up wet, so we have made it nice and shiny! We also just got a Squier bass in for set-up and output jack repair. And……….we have a Tele project that the customer started and we are going to finish up for him. This needs assembly, custom bone nut and a set-up. Oh yeah it’s got a B-bender and an upside down headstock with a super FAT neck. This has been a fantastic week!!! Enjoy the holiday weekend!