The Elkins Group (TEG) is owned by Scot Elkins.  Scot has spent the last 20 years in the motorsports business working as an Executive, Engineer and Race Official. He has been the project leader/designer for 4 different open wheel racecars, been an Executive with 2 different racing series, worked as a Team Race Engineer and still works in the motorsports industry as a consultant.

His passion for music began at a young age but until recently he has not had the time to pursue this passion.  Recently he fulfilled a longtime dream of learning to play the guitar. Of course having a mechanical background he wanted to learn about the set-up and maintenance of the instrument. He did this by attending as many “set-up and repair workshops” that he could and using technology to increase the pace of his learning. All of this led to a greater desire to work on guitars rather than play them. And thus TEG – Guitar Repair Services was born.

With an engineers approach and an artists hand Scot will perform repairs on your instrument as if it were his own.  All work is performed by Scot directly, he is the only one taking care of “your baby”.

We offer excellent workmanship at VERY reasonable prices. This business is an extension of a passion for Scot and not one in which he relies on to pay the bills. So we are able to charge much less for our work. All work is guaranteed to your satisfaction or you simply don’t pay.