What does it mean to have my guitar “set-up”?

Is your guitar hard to play? Are the strings high off the fretboard? Has it recently changed and become hard to play? Did you get a new guitar online and it just isn’t what you expected?

All of these issue point to a guitar needing “set-up”. Yeah but what does that mean? A set-up is making adjustments to your guitar so that it plays better. Many times it involves getting the strings closer to the frets so it’s not so hard to play. Or it could be that you are using strings that are a bigger size than what you need as a beginner and then adjusting the guitar to the newer size string with a neck adjustment.

The idea is that playing guitar should be enjoyable and if you are not enjoying it due to your equipment that is not good! I guarantee that I can make your guitar more enjoyable to play or its totally free.

Text me on 706-870-3743 and schedule an appointment to have a look, if we can help, we will, if it all is within specifications, we will make suggestions to try and help your playing experience.

You don’t really have ANYTHING to lose in this deal!!