Open for business!

Hello everyone! Hope you are safe and healthy.

Man, what a weird time to be alive eh? The good news is the guitar industry is booming with everyone staying at or working from home and we are grateful for that. We are keeping up with demand by booking appointments in 30 minute increments to insure social distancing and offering contactless drop off too.

Let us know how we can help you with your guitar or bass. Even brand new instruments can have old strings (who knows how long the guitar has been in stock?). Bring it by and we will give you a free consultation and do some measurements in order to give you an honest opinion on your guitar and if it needs any adjustments or NOT! With the liberal return policies most shops currently have, it’s totally worth it to have a professional check it out so you are not surprised!

Hey, did you know we now stock Ernie Ball strings? It’s TRUE!

Well, hang in there folks and keep safe.